I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”

Whoops. Looks like I somehow accidentally deleted Marvin from my blog.  Sorry about that!

This is Marvin from my WOD game based in Salem ma. He’s a writer who tends to write fan fiction on the side. He also has a strange obsession with coffee.
its a snaakkkkeeeee
Random zoo keeper
Anonymous asked:
Hi, I would love to see what you've submitted for the SCAD scholarship! I've been considering SCAD HK but it's so costly! ;3;

I just submitted it so check it out when you have the chance~ And it’s funny you should mention SCAD Hong Kong. I’m planning to study there in Spring 2015. ((I’m currently based in the Savannah Campus btw.)) I personally don’t think it’s all that different from scad located anywhere else. Perhaps you didn’t convert it properly? I US dollar is about 7.75 Hong kong dollars. Though, I guess the only major price difference between the Savannah campus and the hong kong campus is that the plan tickets to Hong Kong are a little over 2 grand while a ticket to Savannah is a lot cheaper.

thathull asked:

Awww! Thank you so much! I’m honored you like my art~

A hella cute magical girl.
Just experimenting a bit more with colors and stuff.
My baby Warren being a cutie patootie
say hello to random girl.
Just testing out a new style. That and I wanted to try my hand at drawing a girl in a skimpy bathing suit.
Anonymous asked:
How did you go about paying for scad ,its quite expensive ,just curious?

Well,I was lucky enough to have parents that set aside some money from me for college since I was young so that was a bonus. I also work part time so a portion of that also goes to my tutition. But, in addition to that I was able to get about 10k dollars in scholarships a year. About 4k for my Academics ( I had a 3.3 gpa in highschool) and about 6k in Artistic Scholarships. Though, in order to apply for artistic scholarships you need to submit a portfolio and specify that you’re doing it for scholarships. In addition to that I also filled out and applied for FASFA, which managed to give me some more scholarship money. Of course If I had chosen I could have taken out student loans, but because my parents had been saving money for me since I was young I’ve been able to avoid taking any out so far. For more SCAD scholarship information you should go to

Oh, and if anyone wants I would be more than willing to submit the portfolio that I submitted when I applied for scholarships to give them idea of what they might want to include in their submission. 

Just a quick doodle/experimentation in colors.